Root of the New

Shown at "Root of the New" festival, The Apothecary Gardens, Moscow, 2017

The object is accompanied by a flash-fairy tale based on a William Beckford novel. 

The mysterious Caliph Vathek, as legend has it, once received an array of gifts from the Genies. Amongst these gifts was a miraculous floating hybrid-tree which, instead of blossoming or bearing fruit, could overgrow with a rock made out of pure gold. This tree was supposed to become the “hanging garden” of Vathek, much more incredible than the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. However, there was one little trick to this tree – the stone could only be seen by the Genies. In order for the golden stone to fully manifest itself in reality, it first had to be seen by Vathek himself. In order to attain this, the Genies ordered Vathek to live his life with his eyes tied, like a blind man, and each night to sleep underneath the magical tree, to inhale its fumes and wait for dreams induced by them. Vathek had followed the instructions of the Genies, he saw the golden stone in a dream, and then the stone became visible to Vathek and to anyone who approached the tree. This work is a possible re-creation of the miraculous tree described in this legend.